Covert Surveillance



Data from fraud Investigation


We offer a bespoke and professional service researching open-source platforms to obtain information about individuals and groups on behalf of our clients. This may include missing persons search, confirmation of illegal activity, suspected infidelity, business due diligence or tracing of abusive and nuisance callers.

Covert Surveillance


Foot, Mobile and Static Surveillance

Covert and Overt Surveillance

Rural Surveillance

Technical Surveillance

Vehicle Tracking


Our team use specific drills and checkpoints to assess if a client is being followed. If a follow is identified, the CS team can then decide what action to take to ensure the safety of the client. Counter surveillance also covers the identification of any covert listening devices (Bugs) or hidden cameras in the clients home or place of work.

Anti Surveillence Training


We teach our clients the skills needed to ensure that any person potentially following on foot or by vehicle is firstly identified and then lost using set drills. This is often used in conjunction with counter surveillance. We also teach our clients how to keep themselves or their family safe from invasions of privacy whilst on-line.


Our rural surveillance service covers issues such as farm vehicle theft, wildlife crime, dog thefts, pollution investigation, fly tipping and livestock theft just to name a few. We are specialist operators and well versed in remaining covert whilst we observe and record persons of interest or illegal activities.


As every task is a different situation, each task is priced on the estimated time required and methods used to get the results needed.  We will initially offer a fee proposal for the task and will keep the client fully informed of any reason why we need to extend the task.  We won’t do anything without the express permission of the client, this way the client is in full control and there are no financial shocks at the end of the task.


We offer a friendly, no obligation consultation over the phone or internet. You tell us what you need, and we will suggest ways of getting the results you want.